Honor 100 Drops to ¥2299, Sony IMX906 DSLR-Quality Camera, 3840Hz Eye-Care Display

Honor 100: A Comprehensive Review

In the world of diverse smartphone options, each user has unique needs and preferences. Some seek ultimate gaming experiences, while others prioritize camera capabilities. When discussing the perfect combination of performance and photography, the Honor 100 undoubtedly stands out as an option not to be ignored. Despite potentially not matching the performance of Redmi, iQOO, or Realme in the same price range, the Honor 100’s outstanding photography performance sets it apart from numerous smartphones.

Honor 100

Firstly, while equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 7 processor, the Honor 100’s performance may not seem impressive on paper. However, in reality, its performance is more than sufficient to meet the needs of most users. For users who are not heavy gamers, the Honor 100 not only provides adequate performance support but its lower power consumption also ensures prolonged battery life during extended use, avoiding frequent charging issues when gaming or using high-performance applications.

Honor 100

One of the key highlights of the Honor 100 is its DSLR-level main camera. Utilizing a 50MP Sony IMX906 sensor with OIS as the main camera, whether in well-lit outdoor settings or dim indoor environments, the Honor 100 can capture clear and detailed images. The front-facing 50MP DSLR-level selfie camera is equally impressive, providing excellent image quality for both selfies and video calls, making every user moment beautiful.

In terms of photography, the Honor 100’s excellence goes beyond hardware to software optimization, which is equally commendable. Through advanced image processing technology and algorithms, it automatically adjusts parameters in various shooting scenarios such as night scenes, portraits, and landscapes to capture the best images. This experience of producing high-quality photos without the need for professional expertise enables every user to become a photographer.

Honor 100

Regarding the screen, the Honor 100 spares no effort. The 3840Hz ultra-high-frequency PWM zero-risk dimming technology, certified by Germany’s Rhine without flicker, reduces eye fatigue even during prolonged phone use, safeguarding users’ visual health. The 120Hz refresh rate strikes a perfect balance between smoothness and power efficiency.

Honor 100

The Honor 100’s commitment to protecting users’ vision underscores the brand’s emphasis on user health. As screen time increases, high-frequency PWM dimming technology and flicker-free certification ensure that extended phone use does not strain the eyes excessively. This design consideration not only enhances user experience but also improves users’ quality of life.

One of the highlights is the Honor 100 features a 5000mAh large-capacity battery and 100W super-fast charging technology. This implies not only longer usage times for users but also rapid recharging, significantly enhancing user convenience.

Honor 100

Lastly, the sleek design of the Honor 100 is another major highlight. Weighing 183g and measuring 7.8mm in thickness, it offers excellent hand feel, ensuring a comfortable experience both when in your pocket and during prolonged use. The slim design is not just about aesthetics. In an era of pursuing extreme slimness, the design satisfies aesthetic demands while ensuring comfort and portability. Whether commuting or traveling, it can be a burden-free companion to serve users anytime, anywhere.

Price-wise, the Honor 100’s cost-effectiveness is also impressive. The price drop of the the 12GB+256GB version to 2299 yuan, while the 16GB+512GB version is priced at 2599 yuan, and the high-end 16GB+512GB variant is only 2799 yuan. Such pricing for such a comprehensive smartphone undoubtedly holds great appeal.

Honor 100


In summary, the Honor 100 offers users a reliable smart companion for both work and life with its comprehensive performance, outstanding camera capabilities, vision-protecting screen technology, robust battery life, and sleek design. In an era of abundant choices, the Honor 100, with its unique advantages and affordable price, is undeniably a smartphone that satisfies diverse user needs and is worth owning.

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