iPhone 16: 10 Big Changes, but I’m Set on Mi 14 Ultra

Apple iPhone 16 Series vs Xiaomi 14 Ultra: A Comparison

The Apple iPhone 16 series has been making quite a buzz lately, with a total of 10 major changes being revealed. However, after a careful assessment of these so-called upgrades, I still believe that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is a more worthwhile choice.

iPhone 16 vs Mi 14 Ultra

iPhone 16 vs Mi 14 Ultra

1. Design Changes: The rear camera layout has returned to the vertical alignment seen in the iPhone X, saving on design costs.

2. Performance Improvements: From the entry-level A18 to the high-end A18 Pro, Apple seems to be blurring the lines between the entry-level and high-end models, which works in their favor.

3. Imaging Upgrades: Only the iPhone 16 Pro series boasts a 48MP IMX903 custom main camera, a specification equivalent to the Xiaomi 11 Ultra.

4. Display Enhancements: The base model still sticks to the age-old 60Hz display, while the high-end model now features a new LTPO M14 material, setting it apart from the competition.

5. Battery Life: Reports suggest a 6% increase in battery capacity for the standard version and 5% for the high-end model, but charging speed remains a weak point.

6. Cooling System: The iPhone 16 series will introduce graphene cooling technology, and the Pro version will have a battery with a metal exterior to improve heat dissipation. This technology has long been seen in domestic products, hasn’t it?

7. Memory Upgrade: The standard iPhone 16 variant offers 8GB of RAM, while domestic counterparts start at 16GB.

8. Button Changes: The standard version will also feature Action operation buttons, while the high-end model will introduce a new dedicated camera button.

9. Connectivity Shifts: Apple’s in-house 5G baseband appears to have flopped, with the entry-level version continuing to use the Snapdragon X70 5G modem and the high-end version upgrading to the X75, but signal strength remains a concern.

10. Smart Features: Siri has been lagging behind for many years, and iOS 18 aims to enhance AI performance, though the ultimate effect remains to be seen.

iPhone 16 vs Mi 14 Ultra

iPhone 16 vs Mi 14 Ultra

In summary, the iPhone 16 series seems to be more of the same without any real allure, whereas the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has seen comprehensive improvements in imaging, battery life, and more, even incorporating many self-developed chips. It truly shines as a symbol of domestic innovation, making it quite tempting. So, how would you choose?

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