China’s Tough Phone Market: Apple’s iOS 18 AI Key to iPhone Comeback

Apple’s Key to iPhone Comeback in China: AI Features in iOS 18

Published on 2024-02-27 10:00:06 by Yao Liwei

Apple’s strategy to revive its market presence in China relies on the various artificial intelligence functionalities of the iOS 18 system. The trend towards high-end smartphones in the Chinese market has become increasingly prominent, putting iPhones at a disadvantage in the fierce competition. This is primarily due to the intense nature of the Chinese phone market, where most manufacturers have introduced foldable screen products, an area where Apple’s iPhones lack various AI capabilities.

According to DigiTimes, Chinese consumers perceive Apple’s reluctance in artificial intelligence as inconsistent with its pioneer brand image. Apple needs to make significant progress to meet consumer expectations, given the intense competition in the field of AI. Brands like Huawei are heavily investing in AI research and development, contributing to substantial external competitive pressure.

Rumors suggest that iOS 18 will incorporate numerous new artificial intelligence features, including Apple’s development of generative AI. Apple is expected to provide a preview of iOS 18 at its annual developer conference in June and plans to release the updated version later this year.

The report also mentioned Apple CEO Tim Cook’s indication during an earnings call that the company is working on generative AI and will share details later in the year. These announcements illustrate Apple’s commitment to enhancing the intelligence levels of its products.

In conclusion, despite sluggish iPhone sales in the Chinese market, Apple faces significant market competition. To regain market share and attract more consumers, Apple needs substantial advancements in the field of AI and the introduction of more competitive features.

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