Domestic vs Galaxy S24 Ultra photos – which style do you prefer?

Is the Myth of Samsung’s Telephoto Coming to an End?

Previously, everyone was praising Samsung’s telephoto capabilities, claiming it to be unbeatable. However, in a recent comparison by a popular digital expert, the S24 Ultra was tested against two newly released domestic flagship phones, and the results were quite surprising indeed. (PS: The watermark-free photos were taken by the S24 Ultra)

Upon examining sample photos taken by both domestic flagships at different focal lengths, it’s evident that they have the ability to rival the S24 Ultra, especially the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. Thanks to its innovative use of dual periscope telephoto lenses supporting 3X and 6X optical zoom, it boasts better image quality in terms of clarity and detail capture, performing remarkably well.

Nevertheless, there are some differences in terms of brightness, contrast, and color depiction compared to Samsung. The S24 Ultra, while overall brighter, exhibits some sharpening artifacts. On the other hand, the two domestic models focus more on contrast, rendering a more nuanced image with a Leica and Hasselblad algorithm touch, resulting in a stylistic color rendition in the images. Which imaging style do you prefer?

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