MWC 2024: HMD to Launch Barbie Flip Phone & New Nokia Models

Major Strategic Move by HMD Global Announced at the 2024 Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC)

At the 2024 Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC), renowned for its Nokia-branded phones, HMD Global made a significant strategic announcement regarding a comprehensive rebranding initiative. This signals a transformative phase for the Finnish mobile manufacturer, which has exclusively operated under the Nokia brand for the past seven years.

MWC 2024

Henceforth, HMD will not be limited to just the Nokia brand but will also introduce smartphones under its own HMD name while continuing to offer Nokia phones. This move aligns with HMD’s vision of creating devices that are “affordable, aesthetically pleasing, aspirational, and easy to repair.”

Collaboration with Mattel to Launch Barbie Flip Phone

A highlight of HMD’s rebranding strategy is its collaboration with Mattel to jointly launch a Barbie-branded flip phone. Scheduled for release this summer, the phone will feature a predominantly pink color scheme, aiming to evoke a sense of nostalgia with its iconic design. Specific specifications are yet to be disclosed.

Nokia’s Comeback and HMD’s Branded Smartphones

Contrary to previous reports suggesting a distancing between HMD and the Nokia brand, the company has affirmed its continued release of Nokia phones. HMD teased the return of a “iconic Nokia phone” in May 2024, showcasing a pixelated image of a yellow device resembling a vintage “candy bar” style phone. This indicates a gradual transition for Nokia devices rather than an abrupt halt. Additionally, HMD plans to launch two of its branded smartphones in July, further enriching its product portfolio.

Emphasis on Repairability

HMD Global is also committed to enhancing the repairability of its devices, reducing the complexity of fixing common issues like screen damage. Following a successful collaboration with iFixit for the Nokia G22, HMD aims to make half of the smartphones sold globally in 2024 repairable. Furthermore, the company will release a toolkit for developers and businesses containing open design files and software integration information.

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