Zhao Ming: Porsche Inspiring Auto Design

Honor Showcases Smart Products in Europe at MWC

On February 25th, local time in Spain, the Chinese manufacturer Honor made its appearance at MWC and launched Honor Magic6 Pro, which had already been released in the domestic market, along with Honor MagicBook Pro 16 and other smart products in the European market.

During the event, Honor’s CEO, Zhao Ming, announced that they will globally release Honor’s smartphones and AI PCs, aiming to revolutionize user experience.

Zhao Ming

This year has indeed been a big year for AI-integrated hardware products. From OPPO’s announcement at the Spring Festival Gala to Meizu’s “All in AI” initiative, now it’s Honor’s turn to enter the AI smartphone and computer era.

While each company may have its unique product strategies, they all seem to be racing on the same AI track.

Zhao Ming

Previously, in the introduction of Honor Magic6 Pro, Honor presented various advanced features like Anywhere Door and Dynamic Capsule for smartphone optimization. Now, these features are not only available domestically but also seamlessly integrated with Google Maps, Facebook, and X on the international stage.

It’s quite remarkable to successfully bring localized features to the international market, marking a significant breakthrough.

The content of this event may not be drastically different from previous domestic releases, yet Zhao Ming’s post-event media interviews revealed intriguing insights.

Divergent AI Strategy

At the beginning of the interview, Zhao mentioned Honor’s platform-level AI, highlighting its distinctive approach of empowering all devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wearables.

This cross-platform, cross-system, and cross-application AI capability prioritizes service flow over machine-centric operations.

Zhao Ming

In essence, after setting commands, AI determines which device to activate and can even predict some user habits.

Moreover, amidst the fragmented system ecosystems (such as Windows and Android), AI-centered solutions serve as bridges between different platforms.

Honor is committed to developing futuristic AI technology and is confident in facing global market challenges.

Will Honor’s AI PC Become a Strong Competitor to Apple?

When asked how Honor plans to create the best Windows PC and compete with Apple with their AI PC, Zhao provided a thoughtful response.

Zhao expressed that upon entering the PC industry, Honor realized the complexity of the market, which is even more convoluted than the smartphone industry.

While manufacturers have limited control over the internal components of laptops, Honor aimed to revolutionize the PC industry from the start. This required leveraging existing solutions and operating systems while innovating with Honor’s core capabilities.

Many professionals and students heavily rely on smartphones, laptops, and tablets for work and studies. Over time, they tend to shift towards Apple’s ecosystem due to the lack of interoperability among other brands. Hence, Honor aims to use AI to enhance cross-device connectivity, surpassing Apple in this aspect.

Zhao believes that, just like Honor’s dedication to excellence in smartphones, reflected in the premium pricing in Europe, they possess the strength to compete head-on with Apple and Samsung in laptop sales.

Why Choose Porsche Design for Honor?

When asked about selecting Porsche Design for their high-end positioning and any differences from previous collaborations, Zhao provided an intriguing response.

Though Honor stems from Huawei, the collaboration with Porsche Design took around two years to materialize.

Zhao Ming

Porsche Design sets high standards for the brands it collaborates with, looking for upscale brands with unique innovative approaches.

Discussing Porsche’s automotive design, Zhao pointed out that Porsche’s commitment to consistency, including the iconic flyline, has made it a classic in the industry. Many car designs today draw inspiration from Porsche models and aesthetics.

Towards the end, despite focusing on platform-level edge AI, Zhao emphasized Honor’s open and welcoming approach to application-level AI, aiming to establish Honor’s core capabilities effectively.

Zhao Ming

In summary, Honor’s presence at MWC this year showcases their ambition to expand into the international market, not just in the domestic market. The chess game of AI is just beginning for all Chinese manufacturers as they embark on the strategic layout phase.

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