Honor 90 GT: 12+256GB Now $359, At Cost!


Many people might have noticed that domestic smartphone manufacturers are being proactive. This is mainly due to the serious economic downturn in recent years, causing many people to lower their budgets. As long as a smartphone is smooth and user-friendly, there is no need to pursue expensive models. If your budget is around 2000 yuan, you can actually get a good smartphone, such as the Honor 90 GT. It is a flagship phone that focuses on performance experience and offers excellent value for money. The price of this phone has dropped to 2392 yuan within three months of its launch, with no profit margin left.

Honor 90 GT

Initially priced at 2599 yuan, it already offered good value for money. The price reduction is a common practice, and as a cost-effective flagship model, the Honor 90 GT has many well-executed features. Even after dropping to this new low price point, it remains a good choice around the two thousand yuan range. This phone emphasizes performance, as the name suggests. It is equipped with a Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, scoring over a million in benchmarks, handling high-end performance with ease, and ensuring smooth daily usage even after three years.

Honor 90 GT

If we talk about the most important feature for users, it would definitely be the core performance. The Honor 90 GT excels in delivering strong performance, so performance issues are not a concern. Surprisingly, besides its strong performance, this phone also boasts other excellent features. For instance, it sports a 6.7-inch thin and light display with narrow bezels, offering a super retina-level resolution. The display is very delicate, with a peak brightness of up to 2600 nits, supporting a 120Hz refresh rate and an industry-leading 3840Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, ensuring eye protection from multiple perspectives.

Honor 90 GT

The combination of powerful performance and excellent screen quality clearly distinguishes the Honor 90 GT. To ensure battery life, it comes with a built-in 5000mAh large battery despite having a slim body thickness of only 7.9mm and a weight of 185g. It is quite rare for a slim and light phone to have a large battery capacity. Moreover, it supports 100W fast charging, enabling quick charging. In just 32 minutes, it can be fully charged, making the combination of battery life and fast charging excellent. The phone also includes NFC, infrared remote control, and inherits the excellent traditions of its predecessor.

Honor 90 GT

Many people believe that performance smartphones should not compromise on camera quality. Clearly, the Honor 90 GT does not fall short in this aspect. While excelling in performance, it also features outstanding imaging capabilities with a rear 50-megapixel IMX906 sensor that offers high imaging quality and optical image stabilization. Coupled with Honor’s camera algorithm, the Honor 90 GT is also a great choice for photography enthusiasts.

Honor 90 GT


The Honor 90 GT is an excellent flagship smartphone with well-executed specifications, excellent hardware configuration, and a very reasonable price. Originally priced at 2599 yuan, it was already a cost-effective option. After three months on the market, the price has been reduced to around 2392 yuan, offering high value for money.

The highest configuration model offers 24GB RAM and 1TB storage, and now you can get it for only 2400 yuan. It’s safe to say that the Honor 90 GT is a high-value flagship phone, and even after several years of use, you won’t feel any pressure. Feel free to leave a comment, like, follow, and share. Thank you.

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