Huawei Unveils First Large-Scale Model in Telecom: Boosts Network Productivity

Leading the Way! Huawei Launches Telecom Industry’s First Large Model: Enhancing Network Productivity

On February 27th, the 2024 World Mobile Communications Congress (MWC 2024) was held in Barcelona.

During the conference, Huawei hosted the 2024 Huawei Product and Solutions Launch Event, unveiling globally the 5G-A full range of products and solutions, along with the telecom industry’s first large model.

Huawei Unveils First Large Scale Model in Telecom, Boosts Network Productivity

According to Huawei, the large model aims to address the industry’s advanced intelligent goals, such as agile service provisioning, precise user experience assurance, and cross-domain efficient operations.

The large model offers intelligent applications based on roles and scenarios, empowering operators to enhance employee capabilities, improve user satisfaction, and comprehensively boost network productivity.

The release of this Huawei telecom large model will expedite operators’ intelligent transformation, marking a significant breakthrough for Huawei in both the telecom and artificial intelligence fields, with far-reaching implications for the global telecom industry.

Huawei stated that 2024 is the commercial first year of 5G-A, and the company will actively collaborate with global operators in exploring the evolution towards the 5G-A era.

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