Magicc4/5 Enhanced Update

Recently, in addition to the various global products released by Honor at MWC2024 and the highly anticipated leaks regarding the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche design, the official announcements have also not forgotten about catering to their existing users. Recently, the official announcements have been made regarding the “Honor Magic5 & Magic4 Series Dynamic Capsule Feature Adaptation Plan” and the news that the three models of Honor Magic5/Pro/Ultimate will receive the MagicOS beta version. Judging by the update notes, the official system upgrade will bring optimized improvements to the previous two generations of Magic series models.

Honor recently announced that after receiving feedback from a small number of Magic5 and Magic4 series beta users who were initially provided with a MagicOS 8.0 beta version supporting the Dynamic Capsule feature, the Dynamic Capsule has been re-optimized. Due to differences in hole positions and sizes on different product screens, customized adaptations need to be made for each product’s Dynamic Capsule. The optimized version is expected to be rolled out to users by late March 2024.

Fans of Honor phones should remember that the “Dynamic Capsule” is a feature introduced by Honor in MagicOS 8.0, similar to the “Magic Island,” which debuted on the Honor Magic6 series. Unlike the Magic6 series, where the official Dynamic Capsule received separate UI design and motion effect optimizations specific to the screen punch-hole area, it seamlessly integrates real-time software notifications with the screen punch-hole location within a single area.

Upon updating the system, users of the Honor Magic5 series who participated in the MagicOS 8.0 beta testing discovered a significant difference in the appearance of this feature compared to the Dynamic Capsule on the Honor Magic6 series. The beta version of the Dynamic Capsule on the Magic5 series resembles the “Live Window” found in HarmonyOS 4.0, displaying real-time software activities within a side “capsule” next to the screen hole, rather than around it.

Due to the substantial differences in performance between the Dynamic Capsule on the Honor Magic5 series in the MagicOS 8.0 beta version and that on the Magic6 series, many beta users expressed dissatisfaction, leading to a delay in rolling out this feature. According to the Honor website, the Dynamic Capsule is positioned at the top of the phone screen in a “capsule” form. It displays ongoing tasks, making it convenient for users to check real-time status, perform quick operations, or swiftly access applications.

Furthermore, Honor recently announced the launch of the MagicOS beta version for the three models of Honor Magic5/Pro/Ultimate. Users who had previously upgraded to version can now experience the beta upgrade. This version mainly upgrades the internal voice assistant to YOYO Assistant, claiming to understand users’ needs and provide intuitive services without users needing to search for the required apps based on YOYO’s suggestions.

Honor also reminded users that after updating to the beta version, some third-party applications may not work properly with MagicOS 8.0 due to incompatibility issues, leading to problems such as crashes, lagging, or increased battery consumption. It is recommended that users try updating these applications to the latest version from the app store. If issues persist, users are advised to wait patiently for application updates and promptly install them.

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