Unisoc launches first 5G R16 IoT chipset V620

Key Points:

  • UniSoC Launches V620 with 5/4/3/2G All Network Support. It supports NR 2CC and LTE 5CC, achieving 4.67Gbps download speed and 1.875Gbps upload speed in SA networks, representing a 100% improvement over UniSoC’s previous-generation products.
  • UniSoC V620 pioneers in supporting 5G TSN, integrating 5G into industrial TSN networks, and enables indoor 5G high-precision positioning with an accuracy of less than 3 meters (90% probability).
  • UniSoC V620 features a 4-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU, delivering nearly 200% more computing power compared to the previous generation.

On February 26th, UniSoC unveiled the pioneering V620 chipset platform at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC), which is the world’s first chipset to fully support the 5G R16 broadband IoT features. Based on UniSoC’s second-generation 5G communication technology platform, the V620 provides robust performance and extensive network coverage. It can be widely applied in various forms of devices such as 5G FWA, 5G handheld terminals, 5G modules, notebooks, gateways, etc., bringing excellent 5G connectivity to broadband access, power, energy, high-end manufacturing, and other vertical domains globally.

As 5G enters a critical stage of mass development, new technologies, applications, scenarios, and business models continue to emerge. UniSoC V620 enriches the 5G product ecosystem, offering global customers more differentiated and competitive 5G solutions to expand 5G applications, accelerate global industrial digital transformation and upgrade.

Powerful Performance, 100% Speed Boost

UniSoC V620 boasts strong RF capabilities and all-network characteristics. A single chip can support TDD NR, FDD NR, FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, WCDMA, GSM, and other network modes, covering Sub-7GHz mainstream bands, global operator’s mainstream 5G bands, NR CA, LTE CA, ENDC, and other mainstream band combinations, making it compatible with major networks worldwide. Regardless of the network environment, V620 provides a stable and reliable 5G network connection.

UniSoC V620 demonstrates outstanding speed and performance. In SA networks, it reaches download speeds of 4.67Gbps and upload speeds of 1.875Gbps, marking a 100% improvement over its predecessor¹. Moreover, V620 supports super uplink technology, accommodating various NUL and SUL combinations to meet users’ high-speed network demands. It supports HPUE PC1.5, achieving a 3db enhancement over PC2, significantly expanding coverage and signal transmission quality.

Industry-Leading R16 Features, 20% Lower Power Consumption

UniSoC V620 excels in supporting 5G broadband IoT with several industry-leading R16 features:

  • Pioneering support for 5G TSN, integrating 5G into industrial TSN networks.
  • Indoor 5G high-precision positioning, achieving an accuracy of less than 3 meters (90% probability) for precise indoor positioning of personnel, materials, AGVs, etc.
  • Low-latency high-reliability communication with an average RTT delay of 8ms².
  • R16 low power consumption features: WUS, UAI, etc., reducing power consumption by 20% compared to UniSoC’s previous generation 5G products.

These features position V620 at the forefront of the 5G IoT domain, catering to the growing network needs across various industries.

More Open Architecture, 200% Computing Power Boost

UniSoC V620 can better meet the diverse needs of different industries and users, offering more flexible and comprehensive solutions.

In terms of the OPENCPU architecture, the V620 achieved a breakthrough compared to its predecessor. Its 4-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU delivers nearly 200% more computing power. With over 100MB reserved memory resources for customers, V620 meets the storage needs for developing various third-party applications, supporting the operation of various applications and enhancing user experience.

Regarding dual-card capabilities, UniSoC V620 supports DSDS/eDSDS, eSIM, soft cards, 5G cloud cards, and various interfaces including USXGMII, PCIE3.0, USB3.1, SDIO3.0, UART, SPI, I2S, I2C, and GPIO, catering to a wide range of industry terminals.

As a leading platform chip design enterprise globally, UniSoC adheres to core technological innovation and values of “professionalism, win-win cooperation, and striving for excellence.” It is committed to continuously creating value for global industries and customers through high-quality products and innovative solutions, achieving win-win development with global ecological partners, and using technology to create a better world.


[1] Data Source: UniSoC Laboratories

[2] Data Source: UniSoC Laboratories

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