Xiaomi 14 Ultra, top model at ¥8799

Since Xiaomi ventured into the high-end market while Redmi focused on cost-effectiveness, the prices of Xiaomi phones have been increasing. The Xiaomi 14Ultra continues the flagship imaging characteristics, introducing the industry’s most powerful mobile imaging system, but at the same time, the price has significantly risen. The starting price of the 12+256GB version of Xiaomi 14Ultra has increased from 5999 yuan in the previous generation to 6499 yuan. The 16+512GB version is priced at 6999 yuan, and the 16+1TB version is priced at 7799 yuan.

Xiaomi 14Ultra

The substantial price increase of Xiaomi 14Ultra is not only due to Xiaomi’s confidence but also to the technological advancements brought by product upgrades. For example, Xiaomi 14Ultra also introduced a special titanium version, with the entire frame made of titanium alloy using TC-4 super titanium alloy injection molding process. With the addition of expensive titanium alloy, the price of this version reaches 8799 yuan.

In terms of design, Xiaomi 14Ultra adopts a new body architecture called “Xiaomi Dragon Armor Structure,” composed of a high-strength body frame, high-strength screen material, and high-strength back panel material. The frame uses a high-strength 6M42 aluminum alloy formula, created through Unibody integrated molding technology, effectively enhancing the overall body strength. The front utilizes durable Xiaomi Dragon Crystal Glass, which enhances drop resistance by 10 times compared to the previous generation.

Xiaomi 14Ultra

In terms of imaging, Xiaomi 14Ultra features the new generation Leica optical full-focus quad rear camera system, pushing imaging capabilities to new heights with the new Sony LYT-900 high-speed lens and 1-inch sensor, along with the IMX858 sensor’s 3.2x portrait lens and 5x periscope lens. In software aspects, Xiaomi 14Ultra is equipped with AISP large model computational photography, a new upgrade of Xiaomi’s imaging brain, supporting a professional street photography mode 2.0.

For connectivity, Xiaomi 14Ultra uses Xiaomi’s strongest high-performance antenna system to date, including 4 low-frequency and 4 mid-to-high-frequency antennas. It covers the low-frequency bands n28, n8, n5, and supports all major carriers, increasing the antenna radiation area by 28% and improving low-frequency performance by 91%. With the support of the Surging T1 signal enhancement chip, satellite antenna transmission and reception performance improves by 21%, mid-to-high-frequency cellular communication performance increases by 37%, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance is boosted by 16%.

Xiaomi 14Ultra

In terms of visual experience, Xiaomi 14Ultra features a 6.73-inch professional 2K true-color screen with a peak brightness of 4000nit, delivering outstanding display effects. It also undergoes color calibration for two classic brightness levels of 110nit and 500nit, enhancing user experience. The upgraded high-frequency PWM dimming technology further improves the screen’s eye protection, allowing users to enjoy high-definition images while safeguarding their eye health.

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