MWC 2024: Huawei, Ericsson, TCL, China Telecom, GWT, UCL, San’an IC, Tongyu Communication exhibit

(Global TMT February 29, 2024 News) The 2024 GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) returned to the Fira Barcelona Gran Via from February 26th to 29th. MWC gathered leading figures from the global mobile ecosystem and related industries for four days of exchange, focused on fostering new business development and delving into the latest trends that will shape the interconnected future.


Huawei’s Hall 1 exhibition at MWC 2024 in Barcelona

With “Leading Intelligent Connectivity” as its theme, Huawei discussed with global carrier customers, industry partners, and thought leaders how to promote “Cloud-Network-Intelligence” collaborative innovation, drive the deep development of digital intelligence transformation, enrich the industrial ecosystem, accelerate the positive business cycle of 5G, and embrace a more prosperous 5G-A era. At the event, Huawei showcased a full-series, all-scenario 5.5G product solutions, including 5G-A, F5G-A, Net5.5G, and more. Huawei also announced the communication industry’s first large-scale model. Huawei’s Enterprise Business released ten major digital intelligence solutions and a series of flagship products. Huawei’s Device Business featured a range of high-end, fashionable, and tech-forward products.


Ericsson’s theme, “Unleash Imagination, Infinite Possibilities,” reflected their commitment to the “Gold Rush of 5G,” “Programmable Networks,” and “Shaping the Future” dimensions. They showcased and shared advanced software and hardware innovations and solutions. Acquisitions such as Cradlepoint and Vonage were also featured in their booth. Ericsson constructed a massive 6,000 square meter exhibition space and presented over 70 impressive demonstrations during MWC24. Ericsson’s CEO, Börje Ekholm, and the company’s executive team were in attendance.


TCL introduced an array of intelligent mobile terminal products, including its most comprehensive lineup of 5G offerings to date, featuring 5G smartphones, tablets, and smart connective devices with excellent value for money. “Paper-like” screen technology focused on eye-protection and various terminal applications were also showcased. Tablet models included the TCL NXTPAPER 14 Pro, the TCL NXTPAPER 14 equipped with “Paper-like” 3.0 technology, and the TCL TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G which is about to hit the U.S. market. TCL also unveiled their new series of smart connectivity devices during MWC.

China Telecom

Making its debut at the MWC with the theme “Solidifying Digital Infrastructure, Leading the Smart-driven Future,” China Telecom focused on three content sections: “New Computing,” “New Connectivity,” and “New Applications.” The exhibits showcased a precision-engineered journey of over a decade in “Cloud-Network Convergence”; the coverage capabilities of the TianTong No.1 satellite system; quantum-secure communication hardware such as custom terminals and quantum cloud seals, along with the “Quantum Secure Communication” software for offices.


Guanghetong brought multiple 5G module-integrated FWA solutions that cover a wide range of terminal forms such as CPEs, ODUs, MiFis, and Dongles. The year 2024 marks the commercial inaugural year for 5G-A, and Guanghetong actively promoted the development of RedCap in collaboration with many partners. They released the RedCap module FM330 series, based on the MediaTek T300 platform, which uses the world’s first 6nm RF-integrated single-chip RedCap solution (RFSOC) MediaTek T300. The company also showcased innovative smart modules and solutions aimed at digital transformation and building an intelligently connected world.


UCL Group launched a series of solutions that redefine connectivity and innovation benchmarks in the industry, including commercial-grade dual-band CPE, the portable 5G Wi-Fi terminal Numen Air, and the portable 4G Wi-Fi hotspot KeyConnect. In addition to mobile broadband solutions, UCL also presented other product lines to attendees, including All SIM solutions, GlocalMe Life, and IoT solutions.

GWT (Goodix Technology)

Simon Wakely, Vice President of GWT, met with Chen Fengwei, Deputy General Manager of UCL Technology Co. Ltd., at the MWC in Barcelona. The two sides reached a consensus on deepening strategic cooperation in the eSIM and IoT application fields and jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement for eSIM in China. The partnership will focus on product development, market promotion, and technical support.

Tongyu Communication

Tongyu Communication showcased its latest innovative achievements. Beyond cutting-edge technology, Tongyu focused on its latest Taurus platform, smart active antennas, integrated 4G+5G solutions, special scenario solutions, and miniaturization solutions. Featured products included: 2L4H multi-band antennas and 2L2H+TDD beam-forming antennas; hybrid (Active + Passive) integrated antenna solutions. Furthermore, Tongyu also exhibited the AFU MIMO antenna, transparent antennas suitable for outdoor, indoor, and vehicle windows as well as 5G CPEs.

Sanan Integrated Circuit

Attending MWC for the first time, Sanan Integrated Circuit presented the latest advancements in process nodes and product portfolios to international clients at booth 3A1Ex. Since integrating its business operations in August 2023, the company has become a subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics, focusing on RF front-end integrated solutions, specializing in RF front-end chip manufacturing. Sanan IC’s gallium arsenide RF HBT and pHEMT processes fully support customer design needs in the 4/5G bands such as Sub-3G and Sub-6GHz. With their proprietary LT substrate patent technology, Sanan IC provides comprehensive high-performance TC-SAW and HP-SAW filter products.


The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), together with ecosystem partners, showcased its 5G application technologies and innovative achievements to the global industry. This included: 5G-enabled smart manufacturing solutions powered by Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN); 5G cloud robotics; a private 5G network solution developed jointly with Anko Co.; and a series of innovative applications based on UWB chips from Jietong Technology in collaboration with CoreMax Microelectronics.


DeephiTech is planning to revolutionize edge AI with their advanced ultra-low power AI chips, showcasing a complete blueprint for edge AI and planning to expand cooperation with global partners. The company is on track to launch edge AI chips next year that can operate on just a few watts of power while providing server-scale AI intelligence.

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