NVIDIA’s AI: Coding Prodigy

Programmer’s Delight: NVIDIA Introduces New AI Programming Model for Code Generation, Completion, and Debugging Mastery!

Recently, NVIDIA, together with Hugging Face and ServiceNow, unveiled the StarCoder2 model, a cutting-edge tool that excels in code generation, completion, and debugging.

The series of models include a 30-billion-parameter model trained by ServiceNow, a 70-billion-parameter model trained by Hugging Face, and a 150-billion-parameter model trained by NVIDIA.

According to NVIDIA, StarCoder2 has been trained in 619 programming languages and is capable of performing tasks like source code generation, workflow generation, text summarization, and more.

Developers can leverage StarCoder2 for code completion, advanced code summarization, code snippet retrieval, thus boosting their work efficiency.

Compared to the previous StarCoder model, StarCoder2 achieves the performance of the initial 150-billion-parameter model with just a 30-billion-parameter model.

Furthermore, this series of models are licensed under the BigCode Open RAIL-M license, allowing free access and usage.

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