200MP flagship at $247, 1.5K curved & IP68, 12GB+256GB

Introduction to Redmi Note13 Pro+

If you are familiar with the domestic mobile phone market, you would know that modern smartphones are clearly categorized. Some focus on performance experience, while others emphasize imaging experience. The situation is similar for budget phones. Surprisingly, some mid-range phones can also deliver flagship-level imaging experience. Today, let me introduce you to a super high-pixel phone that is priced as a mid-range device but offers an experience comparable to high-end phones – the Redmi Note13 Pro+!

Redmi Note13 Pro+

With the evolution of smartphones, camera functions have become increasingly crucial. The Redmi Note13 Pro+ features a 200-megapixel main camera usually found in high-end phones. This exceptional camera, using the Samsung HP3 sensor, can directly produce high-resolution images, providing an ultra-clear shooting experience. Additionally, with OIS+EIS dual stabilization technology, handheld shots are exceptionally clear, ensuring a premium imaging experience.

Main Camera of Redmi Note13 Pro+

Thanks to this 200-megapixel main camera, the phone offers 2x and 4x lossless zoom, rivaling many optical zoom phones. Even without a telephoto lens, it delivers a great shooting experience. The 200-megapixel sensor maintains clarity when zoomed, and its image quality benefits from the excellent screen quality: a 1.5K resolution screen sourced from TCL Huaxing C7, offering delicate display effects that vividly showcase images, a clear advantage.

Screen Quality of Redmi Note13 Pro+

The Redmi Note13 Pro+ features a screen with 1800 nits peak brightness, 120Hz refresh rate, balancing display and touch. Being the first Redmi phone with a curved screen, it exudes a premium feel. Offering not only a glass back but also a dreamy space leather version, it excels in texture. Moreover, the phone achieves an IP68 waterproof rating, a quality upgrade unprecedented for Redmi, usually reserved for high-end phones. Even if dropped in water, the phone remains undamaged, a commendable feature.

Waterproof Feature of Redmi Note13 Pro+

Regarding core performance, the Redmi Note13 Pro+ stands out with the MediaTek Dimensity 7200-Ultra processor, scoring above 800,000 points, surpassing the Snapdragon 782G found in phones of similar price range. It also boasts a 5000mAh battery for reliable battery life and supports 120W fast charging that fully charges the phone in just 20 minutes. Additional features include in-display fingerprint unlocking, dual stereo speakers, X-axis linear motor, infrared remote control, NFC, making its configuration quite comprehensive.

Performance of Redmi Note13 Pro+

Final Thoughts

After five months since its release, the Redmi Note13 Pro+ is now priced around 1737 yuan, reduced from its original price of 1999 yuan. This marginal price drop is due to the phone’s solid build quality, leaving no room for unnecessary profit but ensuring a superior user experience.

With a starting price of approximately 1737 yuan for the 12GB+256GB variant and 1918 yuan for the highest 16GB+512GB variant, the phone offers good value compared to the initial pricing. It’s hard to imagine that for just over two thousand yuan, you can enjoy features like 200-megapixel camera and IP68 waterproofing. What do you think about it? Feel free to leave comments, like, follow, and share. Thank you!

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