Huawei P70 Leak: 5G, Periscope Zoom, Satellite Comms

Huawei P70 Series: Leaked Hardware Specifications and Design Details

After a series of leaks revealing suspected hardware specifications and design sketches of the Huawei P70 series on the internet, recently, multiple renderings of the suspected Huawei P70 series and the complete lineup of the device have surfaced. Not only in terms of appearance, but according to the latest information leaked by digital influencers, including the processor, periscope zoom camera, and satellite communication capabilities, all models in this new series are expected to receive further enhancements.

Huawei P70 Leak

Digital influencer @DigitalChitChat disclosed earlier that “we’ve mentioned the new flagship before, and the engineering model revealed that all models will feature the K9 5G processor, high-density batteries with wireless charging, a 50MP primary camera, periscope zoom lens, and satellite communication technology.” According to a previous leak by digital influencer @SmartPikachu, there are differences in chip frequencies between the standard and Pro versions of the Huawei P70 series. However, the exact chip model has not been revealed by the influencer.

Huawei P70 Leak

Regarding imaging capabilities, it was previously leaked that the Huawei P70 Pro and Art versions are expected to undergo significant upgrades in this aspect. However, with the addition of the high-density primary camera and periscope zoom lens, the standard version has already obtained advanced imaging capabilities. It is said that the standard version of this device will feature a 50MP primary camera using the domestic HiSilicon OV50H sensor with a large 1/1.3-inch sensor. Additionally, Huawei will equip it with a large aperture and variable aperture technology, promising impressive results. The Art version is expected to feature a one-inch Sony IMX989 sensor, making it the Huawei flagship with the largest sensor size if confirmed.

Huawei P70 Leak

Moreover, @DigitalChitChat previously mentioned that Huawei is stocking up on HiSilicon CIS (CMOS image sensors) on a large scale. Reportedly, this sensor is a new 50MP, 1/1.28-inch, 1.2μm pixel size image sensor launched by HiSilicon for rear camera modules, supporting phase detection autofocus, various HDR modes, and high frame rate shooting capabilities. The HiSilicon OV50H features dual-conversion gain technology with a 1.2μm single pixel size and a 1/1.3-inch optical size, indicating promising imaging performance for the Huawei P70 series.

Huawei P70 Leak

According to the current leaks, the Huawei P70 series is rumored to introduce three new models: standard, Pro, and Art versions. All models will feature a new design aesthetic, as revealed in the leaked renderings, showcasing triangular and irregular island-shaped camera modules, indicating a departure from the design philosophy of the previous generation. Based on the speculative renderings of these three new models leaked by @FocusedDigital, the standard version will have a smaller triangular rear camera module, while the Pro version will feature a larger irregular island-shaped module, suggesting enhanced photography capabilities. The Art version, positioned at a higher level, will likely have a larger irregular island-shaped module, signifying top-of-the-line imaging hardware for this series.

Huawei P70 Leak

Summing up the leaked configurations so far, the Huawei P70 Pro is expected to be equipped with the Kirin 9000S chip, potentially featuring a 6.7-inch 1.5K quad-curved display, supporting a 1-120Hz LTPO refresh rate, and a 1440Hz PWM high-frequency dimming. It may also include a 13MP front camera, a 50MP OV50H main camera, a 40MP IMX858 ultra-wide-angle lens, a 48MP OV64B 5X OIS periscope zoom macro lens, supporting 200x microscopy photography. The device is rumored to have a 5000mAh battery, 88W wired charging + 50W wireless charging, IP68 dust and water resistance, and satellite communication capabilities.

In conclusion, with the return of the Kirin chip in the Mate 60 series, Huawei’s smartphone products have significantly improved in competitiveness compared to the past two years. This indicates that the upcoming Huawei P70 series is expected to deliver outstanding performance. Regarding pricing, leaks suggest that the P70 series may be priced slightly lower than the Mate 60 series. Based on the pricing speculation from the previous generation, the Huawei P70 Pro is expected to be priced at 5988 yuan for the 12GB+256GB version, 6488 yuan for the 12GB+512GB version, and 7488 yuan for the 12GB+1TB version, while the standard version may start at 4988 yuan, 1000 yuan cheaper. However, for the most accurate information about the Huawei P70 series, it is best to wait for the official announcement.

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