Li Nan Reviews Meizu 21 Pro vs. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi

Meizu 21 PRO Launch: Unexpected Speaker and Reviews

At the recent Meizu 21 PRO launch event, it caught everyone off guard that the former vice president of Meizu, Li Nan, was the keynote speaker for the new phone. The industry even speculated that Li Nan was leading the promotion and launch of Meizu 21 PRO this time, as the pre-launch activities had that familiar Meizu touch, especially during the price reveal segment.

Li Nan Meizu 21 PRO

Now that Meizu 21 PRO is officially on sale, the company has also released a sales report. Interestingly, the official report includes two noteworthy points. The first one being the sales champion among Android phones in the 5000 yuan price range, excluding iPhones. The second, pay attention to the fine print at the bottom of the report, indicating the sales champion for 5000 yuan Android phones between 10:00 and 12:30 on March 2, 2023, without disclosing the actual sales numbers. Let’s see if Meizu makes it to the list in the BIC data next week! After all, weekly BCI data is trending, yet Meizu’s presence is missing each week. Understandably, even a brand with a mere 1.1% market share manages to make the list, but Meizu… you get the picture, right?

Li Nan Meizu 21 PRO

Interestingly, a day after the release of Meizu 21 PRO on March 3, the former vice president of Meizu, Li Nan, shared his review of the phone. He believes that the Meizu 21 PRO can be seen as an apple with a more reasonable price point, a Xiaomi with a better brand positioning, or a Samsung with a more elegant, powerful, and down-to-earth system.

His comments seem to imply that Apple’s prices are unreasonable, Xiaomi lacks Meizu’s brand appeal, and Samsung isn’t down-to-earth in the domestic market. By doing so, Li Nan has inadvertently offended these three brands. The underlying strategy is clear to most—it’s an attempt to elevate the status of Meizu 21 PRO by drawing comparisons with Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung, thus generating more buzz. Currently, Meizu’s brand influence is nowhere near the level of these three brands he mentioned.

Li Nan Meizu 21 PRO

Of course, whether Meizu 21 PRO lives up to these claims depends on individual perspectives and interpretations. However, the official stance continues to emphasize that Meizu 21 PRO is an open AI terminal, distinctive from traditional smartphones. So why bring up traditional smartphones in the discussion again?

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