Wuhan commences construction on CITIC Telecom mobile base, set to lead 5G industry.

Journalist Hu Changxing from Jumuxinews

On March 1st, the first pile of the general workshop B of the Mobile Communication Equipment Research and Manufacturing Base Project in Donghu High-tech Zone of Wuhan was driven, marking the official start of the project.

The Mobile Communication Equipment Research and Manufacturing Base Project is a subproject of the China Electronics Technology Group’s high-end optoelectronic devices and 5G mobile communication research and production base project. It is located within the Wuhan Optics Valley Donghu Comprehensive Bonded Zone Phase 2. The total construction area is approximately 113,300 square meters. This includes about 32,000 square meters for general workshop A, 23,000 square meters for testing building A, and 40,000 square meters for general workshop B. The total duration of the project is 730 days.


According to the relevant person in charge of the project contractor, China Communications Construction First Harbor Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (CFC), in the subsequent construction phase, measures such as using pipeline comprehensive technology based on Building Information Modeling (BIM), replacing steel mesh with high and low-grade concrete inflatable airbags, and employing automatic laser leveling machines for large area leveling with high precision will be adopted to improve quality. Intelligent building technology, Internet-based dynamic management technology, and on-site management technology based on BIM will also be applied in this project, aiming to establish it as a benchmark for intelligent construction and striving to win the “Chutian Cup” (the highest honor award for engineering quality in Hubei Province’s construction industry).

This project is identified as a major municipal project by the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission. The project will make full use of the technical reserves of the owner, CITIC Telecom, in wireless technology and network technology, providing end-to-end 5G solutions, focusing on building a new 5G network, and empowering various industries. It aims to form 5G vertical industry application solutions in fields such as industrial Internet, connected vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, and cluster applications, nurture and improve the regional 5G industry chain, and strive to build a leading domestic 5G industry.

(Image source: CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.)

(Source: Jumuxinews)

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