DingTalk’s Update: Join Meetings via WeChat!

March 4, 2024 17:00:35 by Yao Liwei

DingTalks Update

On March 4, according to official sources, DingTalk announced a new feature: users can now join DingTalk meetings directly through WeChat without the need to download and install the DingTalk application. This change has brought great convenience to users.

When using this feature, users simply need to copy the meeting link and share it with their WeChat friends to join the meeting directly. Additionally, on mobile devices, users can easily share to WeChat with just one click, eliminating the need for cumbersome copy and paste steps.

To ensure security, when using this meeting link for the first time on WeChat, users need to verify their phone number. Once verified, they can simply “join with one click” for the next 30 days, making it very convenient and efficient.

It’s worth noting that the DingTalk meeting used on WeChat retains only the core features, such as unmuting, turning on the camera, inviting friends, and it can meet all the daily functional needs.

The introduction of this new feature will further enhance user experience and operational efficiency. For both enterprises and individuals who frequently hold online meetings, this will be a great choice.

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