EU Rules Spur iOS Alternative Store, Mobivention Launches Its Own

Apple to Introduce App Marketplaces with iOS 17.4 Update for EU Users

On March 5th, IT Home reported that Apple is set to release the official version of iOS 17.4, which will bring a significant update for EU users – the introduction of App Marketplaces. This feature will allow users to install third-party applications outside of the App Store. Additionally, a German company specialized in IT solutions, Mobivention, announced its plan to launch its own iOS app store.


Mobivention’s press release detailed the functionalities of its App Marketplace: developers can distribute B2B and B2C apps to customers, bypassing the Apple App Store. “Mobivention’s app store mainly targets enterprise clients seeking alternative app distribution solutions,” explained the company.

In comparison to the Apple App Store, Mobivention’s platform offers “simplified publishing rules” for enterprise apps, making it more appealing. The company stated that they will review and approve apps “based on Apple’s specified standards.”

Moreover, Mobivention will provide white-label solutions, enabling large companies to offer their app store to iOS users in the EU. The Mobivention team claimed to have collaborated directly with Apple during development to ensure compliance with Apple’s guidelines.

IT Home noted that besides Mobivention, MacPaw and Epic Games also announced their plans to launch their own iOS app stores, but these stores will take some time to go live.

It is important to mention that the compliance deadline for the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is March 6th, while Apple has not officially released iOS 17.4 yet. Mobivention stated that they will launch their app store immediately after the release of iOS 17.4.

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