Huawei & Apple’s New Leak; OnePlus x Genshin Impact Drop Hits Big

Exciting Tech News Roundup in March

Time flies by quickly, and in the blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year holiday has ended, ushering in the month of March. Following the resumption of work and production, the tech and digital industry has quickly heated up. Not only are manufacturers releasing new devices frequently, but there are also many highly anticipated flagship models that consumers are eagerly looking forward to. Below is a brief summary of some explosively hot news in the tech world over the past month.

1. Huawei P70 Series Release Scheduled, Specifications and Design Revealed

One of the most anticipated new devices from Huawei recently is the upcoming Huawei P70 series. According to well-known tech blogger Digital Idle Talk Station, the release date for the P70 series is set for mid to late March and will soon be unveiled to us.

Huawei P70 Series Leak

There have been many leaks and rumors circulating online about this new Huawei device. In terms of design, reports suggest that the camera module will feature a triangular design, making it highly distinctive. Regarding specifications, the new device will focus on camera capabilities. Speculations hint that it might be the first Huawei imaging flagship to feature a 1-inch main camera sensor and will also come equipped with periscope zoom and a new generation of variable aperture, promising unparalleled imaging performance. It is believed to once again lead the pack. Excitement is building up, so stay tuned for more updates.

Huawei P70 Series Design

2. iPhone SE4 Launch Delayed to Next Year? Apple Tightening Its Belt Again

Apart from Huawei, it was widely expected that Apple would unveil a new iPhone SE model in 2024 as per its usual biennial update cycle for the SE series. However, the revelation by foreign media surprised many by stating that the new iPhone SE4 will be postponed to 2025.

iPhone SE4 Delayed

As an entry-level iPhone model, this device is also cutting some corners. According to reports, the iPhone SE4 will be modeled after the iPhone 14, featuring a 6.1-inch notched display, Face ID support, single rear camera, expected to offer a 60Hz OLED display, and an upgrade to USB-C connectivity. Overall, it appears to be a compact yet powerful device. However, with a historical price close to 4000 yuan, iPhone SE4 may not hold much appeal compared to domestic smartphones in the same price range. What are your thoughts on this?

iPhone SE4 Features

3. OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Themed Edition Released – Setting a Benchmark for 2024 Collaboration?

Not long ago, OnePlus introduced the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact themed edition as its first collaboration of the year. This special edition went on sale on March 5th and quickly sold out on and Tmall platforms, becoming a highly sought-after model. The enthusiastic response to its release indicates the immense popularity of the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact edition, with users eagerly expressing their interest online.

OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Edition

As the flagship collaborative device for the year, OnePlus has gone all out in providing a deep customization experience and a complete set of accessories. In terms of customization, they have not only focused on the phone itself and system UI but also introduced innovative projection technology and pioneered GSS communication technology, offering users a unique collaboration experience. As for the full accessory set, in addition to customized phone cases and chargers, they have included stickers, badges, figurines, and a display-worthy gift box, making it a premium offering and understandably setting a benchmark for deep customizations in 2024. Priced at 3399 yuan, the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact edition offers great value for money, naturally attracting the attention of Genshin Impact fans and gamers alike.

OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Edition Accessories


These are some of the recent highlights in the tech world. From these news pieces, it is evident that the tech and digital industry is becoming more dynamic, especially for smartphone manufacturers who need a killer feature to capture users’ attention. So, which of these new devices are you looking forward to or considering purchasing? Feel free to share your thoughts and join the discussion.

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