Huawei & vivo sign global patent deal, own 20% of 5G patents!

Huawei and vivo Sign Global Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement

On March 5th, Fast Technology reported that today, Huawei and vivo have announced the signing of a global patent cross-licensing agreement, covering fundamental patents for cellular communication standards, including 5G.

Shen Hongfei, Vice President of Legal Affairs at Huawei, stated that by 2023, over 450 million 5G phones globally will have obtained Huawei’s patent licenses.

“Huawei and vivo have signed a patent cross-licensing agreement through amicable negotiations, mutually recognizing the value of intellectual property, reflecting the industry’s joint investment in fundamental research and commitment to standardizing basic research technologies for sharing innovative outcomes.”

It is known that Huawei currently holds approximately 10% of global 4G patents, about 20% of 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and H.266 patents, around 30% of OTN and 10G PON patents, as well as about 20% of IETF patents.

In the past year, Huawei has successively signed new or renewed patent cross-licensing agreements with major industry players such as Samsung, OPPO, Nokia, Ericsson, Xiaomi, Sharp, Amazon, vivo, and others.

As for vivo, this year, they have already signed two licensing agreements. In February, vivo announced a global patent cross-licensing agreement with Nokia, resolving all patent disputes between the two parties.

Moreover, today, Huawei also signed a patent cross-licensing agreement with Amazon, following several litigations in the Wi-Fi field between the two parties.


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