Huawei vs OPPO vs Samsung: Best Small Foldable?

iPhone 15 Price Drop is Unbelievable!

The price of the iPhone 15 has dropped drastically to 4588 yuan on a certain e-commerce platform, which is quite a good deal. It has to be acknowledged that the aggressive competition among smartphone manufacturers in the past two years has indeed made an impact. Especially with Huawei recently launching the Pocket 2 small foldable screen, which is priced very close to the iPhone 15 Pro. Who would still prefer traditional flat-screen phones now~~ So, is the Huawei Pocket 2 worth buying? Some netizens recently conducted a camera comparison between Samsung Z Flip5 and OPPO Find N3 Flip.

Camera Quality Comparison

2X Zoom Mode
Images from all three models (refer to Pictures 3 to 5) look pretty good, with differences seen in the color rendering. Samsung’s colors appear relatively dull; Huawei emphasizes high saturation, which is very pleasing to the eye; OPPO Find N3 Flip strikes a balance with smooth transitions between light and dark, offering very comfortable color tones.

3X Zoom Mode
Differences become more apparent in this mode (refer to Pictures 6 to 8). Huawei Pocket 2 and OPPO Find N3 Flip still maintain good image quality; however, Samsung Z Flip5 shows some underexposure issues. In terms of colors, Huawei remains high in saturation, while OPPO retains a lot of details in light and shadow.

Therefore, if you are considering a small foldable phone, both Huawei Pocket 2 and OPPO Find N3 Flip are highly recommended, as their camera performance is excellent.

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