Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s video hits 250M views on Instagram, 14M likes

2024-03-07 14:05:22

Author: Yao Liwei

The strength of Xiaomi 13 Ultra should not be underestimated. A foreign photographer used Xiaomi 13 Ultra to shoot a creative video, which has gained wide attention on Instagram. It is reported that the video has received over 250 million views and has been liked by more than 14 million people. Created by Jordi Koalitic, a Spanish photographer born in the 1990s, this video presents the opening and closing of pages in a simple yet creative way, warming the hearts of viewers.

Jordi Koalitic is a young talent who has shown outstanding performance in the field of photography. He became interested in photography at the age of 18 and started learning related knowledge at 24. He excels in achieving unexpected visual effects through different angles and creativity, as demonstrated in the video shot by Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

It is worth mentioning that “Jim,” the Brand Marketing Manager of Xiaomi’s International Business Department, looks forward to Jordi creating even fresher content with the latest Xiaomi 14 Ultra. At present, “Jim” is very confident in the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

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