FreeBSD 13.3 Out: WiFi Drivers More Stable

Author: Yao Liwei

Date: March 9, 2024

FreeBSD 13.3

On March 8th, the FreeBSD engineering team released the latest version of FreeBSD 13.3. This version’s major updates include upgrades to components and drivers, along with enhanced stability of WiFi drivers.

Specifically, this version has updated LLVM and clang compilers to version 17.0.6, OpenSSH to version 9.6p1, Sendmail to version 8.18.1, ZFS to OpenZFS 2.1.14, and made numerous stability fixes to native and LinuxKPI-based WiFi drivers. Additionally, the NFS server can now run in a properly configured vnet Jail.

It is worth noting that this release is marked as version 13.3 and not the latest in the 14 series. However, as mentioned in previous reports, the first stable version of the 14 series has already been released: FreeBSD 14.

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