Is AI in Phones Just Hype? Meizu 21 Pro at $770 for AI Features?

Discussing the Popularity of AI Phones

Let’s talk about whether AI smartphones are just a gimmick. For example, the Meizu 21 Pro claims to be an “open AI terminal” and is priced at $4999. I think this price is due to its AI features. From what I saw at the launch event, Meizu’s AI capabilities seem quite impressive. Features like the AI Smart Key for easy access, reading and translation functions, all easily accessible with just a touch, as well as AI-assisted input; these would definitely appeal to those who are not proficient in chatting.

Over in Europe, AI smartphones are also a selling point. I have had real experiences with them. Devices like OnePlus 12 and Ace3 have updated with large models. AI editing is very practical for photography enthusiasts; if there are unwanted elements in your photos, with just a touch, it’s all taken care of, saving the hassle of opening Photoshop. This feature is quite useful for regular users. Additionally, the AI call summary is a productivity booster, especially for work. If your boss gives you a lengthy rundown over the phone, this feature can easily record and help you understand their requirements. The Xiaobu Assistant is also quite intelligent; you can rely on it to assist in writing reports or resumes.

In general, when it comes to AI on phones nowadays, I believe it’s no longer just a hype. At least these AI functions are useful for our daily lives and work. What do you think?

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