Trending Again! Users Suggest ‘3-Day Visibility for Select Contacts on WeChat’

Trending Topic: Suggestions for Making WeChat Contacts Visible for Three Days Only

On March 9th, Fast Technology reported that the topic “WeChat Takes Up Over 200GB of My Storage” had become a hot trend on Weibo, with users expressing concerns over WeChat’s significant storage occupation on their phones.

Today, another topic has surged on Weibo’s trending list. Users are suggesting a new feature for WeChat where certain contacts can only be visible for three days.

Trending on Weibo: Users Suggest 3-Day Visibility Feature for Select Contacts on WeChat

One user mentioned that due to the increasing need for work handovers from continuous summer internships to the present, they have added more contacts. Originally, their Moments section was always public, but now they prefer not to share updates with newly added contacts.

If the visibility setting is changed to three days, then everyone will only be able to see it for three days, including close friends and family. Therefore, the user hopes that WeChat will soon introduce this feature.

Currently, WeChat Moments offer four visibility settings: “All,” “Past six months,” “Past month,” and “Past three days.”

Many users have already set their Moments to “visible for three days.” Some users believe that those who choose to limit their visibility to three days value their privacy boundaries and prefer not to expose every aspect of their lives to the public eye.

Others see sharing Moments as evidence of their good life, and limiting visibility to three days as a way to maintain a sense of spontaneity and freshness. Whether others can view these snippets promptly is then left to chance and their own discretion.

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