Why I stick to wired earbuds – is Bluetooth mainstream?

Why I Prefer Wired Earbuds: Is Bluetooth Mainstream?

It’s no secret that Bluetooth earphones are everywhere nowadays. Almost every major digital brand churns out its own Bluetooth earbuds, receiving praise from various media outlets and bloggers. However, wired earphones are rarely mentioned in the conversation.

Haonan has been using wired earphones frequently for many years. While he also uses Bluetooth earphones, such as Apple’s AirPods Pro, which are indeed convenient and effective, they still fall short in many aspects compared to wired earphones. Here are some of his viewpoints:

  1. No Need for Charging: Wired earphones are plug-and-play, without the need for charging. Though charging is more convenient nowadays, when outdoors, it’s simpler to just charge the phone.

  2. Connection Issues: With wired earphones, you don’t need to worry about connectivity problems. Bluetooth earphones may occasionally experience disconnections or delays, making wired earphones a more stable option.

  1. Affordability and Sound Quality: Wired earphones are cheaper, and at the same price point, they offer better sound quality compared to Bluetooth earphones, providing higher value for money.

  2. Longevity: Wired earphones have a longer lifespan as they don’t rely on battery modules like Bluetooth earphones. Over time, the battery life of Bluetooth earphones diminishes, reducing the user experience, while wired earphones theoretically have a longer usage lifespan.

  1. Customization: Wired earphones offer the option for DIY customization, enhancing playability. These customized earphones also boast excellent sound quality; wired earphones priced around 1000 yuan can outperform Bluetooth earphones.

As you reach the end, do you recall the days of using wired earphones? Apart from being slightly less convenient, wired earphones, in fact, offer remarkable benefits. For audiophiles, wired earphones are the top choice; however, if you only seek casual listening, Bluetooth earphones do provide many conveniences.

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