Google Chrome Canary Tests PWA Installation from Any Page

IT Home News on March 9th

According to the source @Leopeva64, Google has recently updated the Canary channel of the Chrome browser, introducing a new feature: any webpage can now be installed through PWA.

Chrome PWA Installation

Chrome PWA Installation

In 2018, Google announced the gradual phasing out of all Chrome applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux, opting instead to recommend Progressive Web Applications (PWA), which can be installed on devices just like native applications.

With Google’s strong promotion, PWA applications have gradually become popular and increasingly recognized and accepted by webmasters, internet users, and the media. In early 2022, the number of Chrome browser users installing PWAs reached a historic high.

In the latest Canary channel of the Chrome browser, users only need to enable the following two experimental Flags to install any page as an application. Below are the links provided by IT Home:


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