vivo Goes Big: 12+256GB at $162, 24+512GB Just $185

The Increasing Memory Size in Android Smartphones

When it comes to Android smartphones, the size of the memory greatly impacts the daily user experience. Looking back four or five years ago, Android smartphones only had 6GB or 8GB of memory. Back then, 12GB was considered a large capacity. Why does the memory in Android smartphones keep increasing every year? The reason is closely related to software developers. Just like the relationship between game developers and graphics card manufacturers, new game engines require more powerful graphics cards to run, and gamers who seek the ultimate gaming experience are eager to get their hands on the latest graphics cards.


Smartphones follow a similar trend. The sizes of software and games are getting larger and larger. For example, the chat apps we commonly use. When smartphones were just starting out, these apps were only a few tens of megabytes in size. But now, the installation packages alone have reached several hundred megabytes. When considering cache, just one chat app can occupy several gigabytes or even dozens of gigabytes. As software and games grow in size, not only does it demand higher storage capacity in phones but also requires sufficient running memory. To address user concerns about memory and storage, many smartphone manufacturers have been introducing budget-friendly high-capacity phones, such as the vivoY100i.


The vivoY100i features a eye-caring original color screen on the front, with a size of 6.64 inches. It provides 100% P3 color gamut, a minimum brightness of 1nit, and supports full-range DC dimming. Although this screen’s quality is not top-tier, compared to phones in the same price range, it excels in color quality and eye protection. Viewing the screen for long periods does not strain the eyes, and the colors appear vivid and gentle.


To fully enjoy gaming, performance is crucial! The vivoY100i is equipped with the Dimensity 6020 chip, which is produced using TSMC’s mature 7nm process. It offers 8 powerful cores and supports dual 5G standby. This phone will not experience lags during daily gaming or multitasking. It can be used continuously for three to four years without being outdated, especially with the support of its extensive memory.


In terms of battery life, the vivoY100i performs well. The 5000mAh large battery provides strong endurance, coupled with 44W fast charging. You won’t have to worry about running out of battery when you’re out and about. And when the phone’s battery is depleted, high-power fast charging will quickly bring it back to 100% in a short time. Regarding memory and storage, the vivoY100i is quite impressive! The top configuration offers 12GB+512GB of storage. This version also supports up to 12GB of virtual memory expansion, which can extend the memory to a maximum of 24GB, further enhancing the phone’s smoothness and durability.


Although the vivoY100i is an entry-level phone, it boasts excellent build quality and durability. The device supports IP54 dust and water resistance, making it suitable for daily usage without worrying about splashes. Moreover, the phone has passed various rigorous tests, such as 32,000 micro-drop tests and 150 drum drop tests.

Currently, the price of the vivoY100i has started to drop. The 12GB+256GB version is only 1080 yuan, while the 24GB+512GB version is just 1236 yuan. Don’t miss out if you’re interested!

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