W9: vivo leads, Huawei to 2nd, Honor/Xiaomi tie

Smartphone Sales Ranking in China

In an era where sales volume is king, all brands, including online communities, are very sensitive to the sales of smartphones. Because to some extent, sales represent the level of public recognition of a brand, which is why the release of sales figures every week can generate such heated discussions.

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On March 8th, the “Smart Chip Insider” once again brought us the data for the weekly activations in China for the W9 week (February 26th to March 3rd). According to the data provided by him, the brand leading in activations in China during that week was vivo, with a market share of 17.0%, where vivo itself accounted for 12.6% and iQOO for 4.4%. The second place was held by the Huawei series, where Huawei itself had 14.4% and Huawei’s Honor with 1.8%. In third place was OPPO, with OPPO itself at 12.7%, OnePlus at 2.1%, and realme at 1.3%. Apple ranked fourth with a market share of 15.7%, followed by Honor in fifth place with a market share of 15.5%, and Xiaomi in sixth place with a market share of 15.5%.

It is important to note that this is an unconventional ranking. If we exclude realme from OPPO and Huawei’s Honor from Huawei, the ranking will change significantly. In this case, vivo remains in first place, Apple moves to second place, Honor and Xiaomi share third and fourth place, OPPO comes in fifth, and Huawei falls to sixth place.

Sales Ranking Details

Along with providing the data, he also commented on the performance of each brand for the week. He mentioned that this was the first week after the Chinese New Year Lantern Festival sales period, where brands like vivo, OPPO, and Honor, which rely more on offline sales, started to decline. On the other hand, Huawei and Xiaomi saw an increase in market share due to the launch of new models. It is expected that in March, the market share of Huawei and Xiaomi will further increase, while Honor and iQOO may experience a slight decline. However, it’s essential to note that an increase in market share does not necessarily mean an increase in ranking.

Performance Review

It must be said that the performance of the vivo brand is truly remarkable. Since the beginning of the year until now, it seems to have consistently held the first place in the weekly rankings in China. This aligns with reports from authoritative media sources, indicating that during this Chinese New Year period, vivo has gained significant market recognition through the strength of its products. No wonder vivo is not in a rush to release the X100 Ultra – because at the moment, it is the golden period for vivo sales, and the release of this model will not have any impact on sales volume.

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