400G Optical Backbone Launched

The First 400G All-Optical Inter-Provincial Backbone Network of “East Calculates, West Computes” Officially in Commercial Use

[Global Tech News] Recently, China Mobile announced a major breakthrough in the national project “East Calculates, West Computes” – the first 400G all-optical inter-provincial backbone network has been officially put into commercial use.

400G Optical Backbone Network

According to official sources, the 400G all-optical inter-provincial backbone network, developed independently by China Mobile as a high-speed optical fiber communication transmission system, will serve as a crucial link connecting the national data center hubs. This technology not only quadruples the transmission bandwidth but also boasts a network capacity of over 30PB, reducing inter-hub latency to less than 20 milliseconds, providing unprecedented speed and stability for data transmission.

400G Optical Backbone Network

Ding Hongqing, Deputy General Manager of the Construction Department of China Mobile, stated, “The 400G all-optical inter-provincial backbone network is a vital part of the ‘East Calculates, West Computes’ project, creating a stronger, greener, energy-efficient, and faster ‘artery’ between the eastern and western regions. It’s like upgrading from a single-lane road to a ‘four-lane highway,’ significantly enhancing data transmission efficiency. What used to take ten minutes for data transmission can now be completed in just over two minutes with the 400G technology.”

400G Optical Backbone Network

It is understood that the successful commercial use of the 400G all-optical inter-provincial backbone network will accelerate the construction of the high-speed “East Calculates, West Computes” optical network, effectively channeling computational power demand from the east to the west. Currently, the 400G transmission links from Beijing to Zhangjiakou and from Ulanqab to Hohhot have been successfully established. Through this ultra-fast, low-latency, and highly reliable transmission channel, computational power demand in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will be efficiently directed to the Hohhot Data Center, facilitating cross-regional allocation of computational resources.

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