Future May Lack ‘Programmer’ Job

Interview with Baidu Founder and Chairman Robin Li on CCTV Finance Channel

The CCTV Finance Channel aired the program “Dialogue: Annual Start” last night, featuring Robin Li, the founder and chairman of Baidu, as the guest. Robin Li talked about the current negative criticism of Wenxin, saying that he is not angry about the statement that there is a “world of difference between ChatGPT and Wenxin,” and he hopes to change the minds of those people within a year.

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Robin Li expressed great confidence in Wenxin, saying that anyone who can obtain the professional version license can compare it with GPT-4. Regarding the development speed of artificial intelligence, Robin Li stated that “it is slower than I imagined”: this concept has been proposed for almost 70 years, and roughly every ten years, a group of people would say, “We are finally about to achieve general artificial intelligence.” But in reality, the situation is more complicated than we imagine.

Robin Li claimed that the Chinese ability in Wenxin 4.0 has surpassed GPT-4, though there is still a gap in English performance. “For example, when writing an acrostic poem, many large models can do it now, but if asked to write a poem in the style of ‘Spring in the Garden of Joy,’ ChatGPT 4.0 would completely not understand, not knowing whether the first line should be four or five characters. Of course, objectively speaking, Wenxin’s English training data is not as much as ChatGPT’s, so there is still a gap in English performance.”

Talking about the “changes brought by large models to human life and production,” Robin Li believes that there may not be the profession of programmers in the future, as long as humans can speak, they possess the abilities that programmers have.




When asked if he wanted to personally enter the car-making industry, Robin Li replied, “The threshold for that is a bit high, it requires production qualifications and is quite troublesome. Many companies that personally enter the industry start with outsourcing and gradually establish their own factories when the production volume is high enough.”

During the earnings call at the end of last month, Robin Li revealed, “In 2024, generative artificial intelligence and basic model businesses will bring us tens of billions of RMB in incremental revenue, which will have a positive impact on our total revenue.”

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