Li Yanhong: Baidu Wenxin tops ChatGPT 4.0 in Chinese

Baidu Founder Li Yanhong Talks about Wenxin in CCTV 2024 Program

On March 10, 2024, Baidu’s founder, Li Yanhong, discussed Baidu’s Wenxin in the CCTV 2024 program “Dialogue · Opening Remarks.”

Li Yanhong mentioned that Wenxin 4.0 has surpassed ChatGPT 4.0 in the Chinese language.

Li Yanhong

For example, when it comes to writing acrostic poems, many large models can do it now, but if asked to compose a poem in the style of “Spring at the Park,” ChatGPT 4.0 would be completely lost. It doesn’t understand whether the first sentence should have four or five characters.

“Of course, objectively speaking, Wenxin’s English training data is not as extensive as ChatGPT’s, so there is still a gap in the English results,” Li Yanhong stated.

Li Yanhong

After the release of Wenxin, there were many negative reviews online. Li Yanhong mentioned that he is not angry about the contrasting opinions that see a vast difference between ChatGPT and Wenxin.

Li Yanhong

He hopes to change the minds of these individuals within a year, expressing great confidence in Wenxin. People who gain access to the professional version can compare it with ChatGPT 4.0.

It is understood that the Wenxin large model 4.0 significantly enhances four major abilities: understanding, generation, logic, and memory.

The improvements in understanding and generation are similar in magnitude, while the enhancements in logic and memory are even more significant. The improvement in logic is nearly three times that of understanding, and the memory enhancement is over double that of understanding.

On August 31, 2023, Wenxin was opened to the entire society. According to Baidu’s latest data, the number of Wenxin users has exceeded 100 million.

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