Xiaomi to Unveil True Full-Screen Phone

Exciting News: Xiaomi to Introduce True Full-Screen Phone

We all understand deep down that the so-called full-screen smartphones on the market nowadays are not truly full-screen, but rather hole-punch displays. Whether it’s Huawei or Apple, they all fall short of being real full-screen smartphones. Even the domestically launched under-display camera phones from before weren’t quite perfect due to poor camera performance. However, the good news is that Xiaomi might be gearing up to unveil a genuine full-screen phone this year.

Xiaomi Full-Screen Phone

According to reports, Xiaomi is currently testing an exploratory flagship phone that focuses on delivering a true full-screen experience. This exploratory device boasts three core technologies: high-resolution under-display multi-camera setup, virtual magnetic force touch, and extremely narrow bottom bezels, ensuring an exceptionally high screen-to-body ratio. Almost achieving a borderless effect on all four sides of the phone screen through these technologies.

Xiaomi Full-Screen Phone Technology

Xiaomi Full-Screen Phone Design

Xiaomi’s earlier MIX series phones pioneered the era of full-screen displays, establishing Xiaomi as the trailblazer in full-screen smartphones. With advanced technology in full-screen research and development, their upcoming exploratory flagship phone is expected to take full-screen displays to new heights, creating much anticipation. It may potentially reshape consumers’ perceptions of full-screen smartphones.

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