500M still on QQ

According to Sina Technology, QQ’s first version, QICQ (OPEN-ICQ), was launched in February 1999. By 2024, with 500 million monthly active users, it has maintained its position as the second most popular social platform.

Based on data from the December 2023 month fox report, QQ’s monthly active accounts outnumber those of Weibo and Zhihu combined, reaching 590 million. Due to its rich features, many people actually prefer QQ over WeChat.

For instance, the recent trending “cultivating fire flowers” on Douyin bears resemblance to QQ’s previously beloved “sustaining fire flowers.” For the younger generation born after 2000, the vibrant QQ platform today resembles an online Disneyland.

As for those who experienced the “alternative culture era” like the post-95s and post-90s, QQ serves as a place for them to construct and reminisce about memories in the digital age.

Source: Global Network Technology

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