China Telecom Embraces HarmonyOS Ecosystem

On March 7, the China Telecom Omni-Channel Operations Center announced its decision to join the HarmonyOS ecosystem. They will be creating the HarmonyOS Star River edition of the China Telecom App based on HarmonyOS NEXT and initiating meta-service development. This collaboration aims to work with the HarmonyOS ecosystem on technical complementarity, and achieving mutual commercial success. This partnership is expected to further expand the application scenarios of the HarmonyOS ecosystem in the digital life field, enabling more China Telecom users to enjoy a better digital life.

China Telecom Embraces HarmonyOS Ecosystem

The China Telecom App is the only self-operated official online channel of China Telecom, serving over 300 million users. It mainly handles basic business inquiries and transactions, mobile bill payments, data package subscriptions, Star Broadcaster live streams, as well as government and enterprise services. It is also an important carrier and core platform in China Telecom’s online and offline integration strategy. Upholding China Telecom’s core service concept of “User First, Thoughtful Service,” the China Telecom App team has been committed to deploying cutting-edge technology across all scenarios and ecosystems in recent years. They have established an efficient, stable, flexible, and reliable digital platform system to ensure that every user can enjoy the convenience of a digital life.

In this latest comprehensive cooperation between China Telecom Omni-Channel Operations Center and the HarmonyOS ecosystem, both parties will leverage the native interconnection and native intelligence features of HarmonyOS NEXT to further expand digital life service scenarios and enhance user experience. The HarmonyOS Star River edition of the China Telecom App will realize seamless services across multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. It will also ensure quick responses to user needs such as business inquiries and transactions, consumption alerts, online customer service, providing a smoother, more convenient, and smarter one-stop service experience.

With the HarmonyOS ecosystem entering its second stage, partners and developers in fields like government affairs, people’s livelihoods, and telecommunications are actively joining in, driving the continued prosperity of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

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