EU Cheers: iOS 17.4 Now Supports Third-Party App Stores

Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 Official Version Supports Third-Party App Stores in EU

iOS 17.4 Update

The latest release of Apple’s iOS 17.4 official version is the first to comply with the European Union’s “Digital Markets Act” regulatory framework. This version introduces support for “third-party app stores,” allowing iPhone users to download applications from places other than the Apple App Store.

Moreover, targeting users in the EU region, Apple has further adjusted its sideloading functionality. Now, users can not only download applications from third-party app stores but also directly from websites for installation. This means that when used in the EU region, the sideloading method of iOS is now identical to that of Android systems.

Apple has confirmed that this adjustment will go live later this spring and will be limited to use within the EU region only. However, the company also emphasizes that user location will be monitored. Prolonged absence from the EU area might result in “the cessation of operation of existing downloaded app markets on the device.”

This change has sparked widespread industry attention. Some view this as Apple actively adapting to the European regulatory environment and meeting market demands, while others worry that it could have a negative impact on Apple’s app store and potentially lead to other issues.

In conclusion, the release of iOS 17.4 official version is good news for users in the EU region. They will have more app choices and the freedom to download and install applications across different platforms. However, for users who are away from the EU region for an extended period, it’s important to note that the app market on their devices may cease to operate.

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