Honor Magic6 Elite: Glass as Elegant as Ceramic

On March 13, Honor officially released the latest selling points posters for the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition and the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design. These two new models will continue to feature the Honor Diamond Rhino Glass used on the Honor Magic V2 RSR, attracting wide attention both inside and outside the industry.


By comparing the Swiss SGS certification achieved by the Diamond Rhino Glass used in the previous Magic6 and Magic6 Pro models with the Honor Diamond Rhino Glass, we can see the differences between the two types of glass. The Rhino Glass has obtained the Swiss SGS Multi-Scenario Gold Standard Five-Star Anti-Drop and Impact Resistance certification, while the Honor Diamond Rhino Glass has received the Swiss SGS Multi-Scenario Gold Standard Five-Star Anti-Scratch and Impact Resistance certification, significantly enhancing its scratch resistance.

Subsequently, digital blogger @旺仔百事通 also revealed more information about the Honor Diamond Rhino Glass, explaining in detail the material and technological craftsmanship of this glass. It is stated that its scratch resistance is 10 times higher compared to the first generation of sapphire crystal glass and has seen a significant improvement over Corning Gorilla Glass. Its hardness is comparable to ceramic, marking the start of a new era in the mobile industry with zero screen protectors.


In the past, the fragility of mobile phone screens made users worry about minor drops or scratches that could lead to screen damage, increasing usage costs and maintenance difficulty. Therefore, after purchasing a new phone, users typically buy a screen protector immediately to prevent scratches, cracks, and other damages.

Although screen protectors can enhance scratch resistance to some extent, they also bring along certain issues such as bubbles, edge peeling over time, and reduced screen clarity, thereby increasing the overall cost of using the device.

The introduction of Honor Diamond Rhino Glass is poised to change this situation, providing users with a new screen protection experience that eliminates the hassle of using screen protectors. At the same time, it sets a new direction for the future development of mobile phone screens, enabling Honor to establish its own competitive advantage in the market through differentiation.


On March 18, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition and the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design will debut at the Honor Spring Flagship New Product Launch Event. At that time, the “layers of mystery” surrounding both models will be unveiled one by one. What surprises await us? Let’s stay tuned and find out!

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