Huawei 2K Touch Laptop, i5, 16+512GB at Only $720! Great Value

If you’re a professional who has to shuttle between different points every day, and occasionally goes on business trips, choosing an excellent lightweight laptop is crucial. I don’t really recommend gaming laptops because they are too heavy, especially with their power bricks! Also, gaming laptops have a distinctive design that may not be suitable for office environments, especially when dealing with clients or superiors, as the unconventional design can sometimes be awkward.

In conclusion, for office use, it’s best to opt for a slim and elegant business laptop. Currently, there are many excellent choices available. Traditional laptop manufacturers like Lenovo, Asus, Dell, etc., offer good options. However, I do not currently recommend products from these traditional laptop manufacturers because there are many other good options to explore. For instance, Huawei, a company known for dominating the mobile phone market, has also ventured into the laptop arena early on. Specifically, you might consider the Huawei MateBook14.

The Huawei MateBook14 is a lightweight laptop with high quality and high performance. To achieve an excellent experience, the configuration naturally needs to be top-notch. For example, in terms of the display, the Huawei MateBook14 features a 14-inch 2K FullView display. With its three narrow bezel design, the screen-to-body ratio reaches 90%! The 3:2 screen ratio allows for displaying more content vertically. Most importantly, the screen also supports a ten-point touch function, enabling smooth simultaneous control with touchpad, mouse, and taps, significantly enhancing the operating experience.

Regarding performance, the Huawei MateBook14 is equipped with 13th Gen Intel Core i5/i7 processors. For most users, the i5 version would suffice! The new performance and efficiency core hybrid architecture brings outstanding performance upgrades! It can smoothly run professional software, video editing, image editing, and more. With Huawei’s self-developed Super Turbo technology, which fine-tunes scene load recognition, file and app startup speeds are significantly improved, with approximately 38% faster opening of a 1GB PPT file.

For ultimate performance without overheating or throttling under heavy loads, efficient cooling is crucial! To address this, the Huawei MateBook14 has been upgraded with a dual-fan, dual-heat pipe design. The fans feature 0.2mm thin shark fin blades, known for high speed and airflow. In addition to the mentioned specifications, the Huawei MateBook14 also boasts many other highlights, such as a four-microphone setup, power and fingerprint two-in-one design, and a hidden camera, among others.

In terms of ports, the Huawei MateBook14 provides 2 USB3.2 Gen1 ports, 1 USB-C port, 1 3.5mm headphone jack, and 1 HDMI port. The abundant ports make it easy to connect peripherals like mice, keyboards, and monitors. The USB-C port also supports reverse charging, allowing you to charge your phone from the laptop, making it a handy power bank instantly.

As a lightweight laptop, the Huawei MateBook14 weighs only 1.49kg and has a thickness of just 15.9mm. For a 14-inch 2K screen laptop, it is already quite slim and light, making it hassle-free for daily carrying or business trips.

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