Over 100k visited Xiaomi for SU7, Wang Hua: Nervous for the staff

Xiaomi Founder Lei Jun: Over 100,000 People Reserve a Visit to Experience the New Xiaomi SU7

On March 13, according to the latest report from IT Home, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, announced that after the official announcement of Xiaomi SU7, over 100,000 people reserved a visit within just one day.

Wang Hua, a representative from Xiaomi Group, questioned the significance of this number. He pointed out that with only 29 cities and 59 stores available for the first batch, each store would need to accommodate an average of 1695 reservation holders for product trials.

This enormous influx of interest has put great pressure on the staff at the stores. It’s a challenging situation even for experienced employees who might not have encountered such a massive crowd before.


This clearly indicates that Xiaomi SU7 has not only attracted significant attention but has also been warmly welcomed by consumers.

One of the most awaited details is the pricing of Xiaomi SU7. Earlier, during a car technology event last year, Lei Jun emphasized multiple times that the initial model might be a bit pricy and dismissed rumors regarding prices like 99,000 yuan or 149,000 yuan.

Industry insiders speculate that the pricing of Xiaomi SU7 will likely be below 200,000 yuan.

Lei Jun expressed that SU7 is a labor of love for the company. He encouraged feedback, stating that if users find it good, they should offer more support, and if they find any room for improvement, they are welcome to provide suggestions, as Xiaomi is committed to listening and enhancing the product accordingly.


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