Xiaomi SU7 reservations surge by 100k in a day, Lei Jun: Please go easy on us!

Exciting News in the Automotive Industry: Xiaomi SU7 Officially Launching Soon

One of the most anticipated events in the automotive industry recently is the upcoming launch of the Xiaomi SU7. After announcing that the Xiaomi SU7 will be officially launched on March 28, Lei Jun posted on Weibo expressing his sincere gratitude as the number of in-store reservations increased by over 100,000 in just one day.

Xiaomi SU7 Reservations Surge

On Weibo, Lei Jun also mentioned that Xiaomi is currently focusing on three main tasks. Firstly, the first batch of 29 delivery centers, sales outlets, and service stores for Xiaomi SU7 in cities are being opened, while the selection of locations for the second batch of cities is also underway. Lei Jun welcomes suggestions on which cities should be added in the second batch.

Xiaomi SU7 Deliveries and Expansion

Considering the significant attention received, ensuring the smooth progress of Xiaomi SU7 deliveries is crucial. Lei Jun mentioned that they are rapidly increasing factory capacity while maintaining quality to ensure early deliveries after the launch.

Xiaomi Car Factory Aerial View

From the aerial view of the Xiaomi car factory taken by the Jilin-1 satellite, it is evident that from February 29 to March 9, over 800 Xiaomi vehicles were added to the factory’s inventory, excluding those already shipped out. Clearly, Xiaomi is cautious about production and deliveries. The reason why Xiaomi announced the car before the new year but will launch it by the end of March is to ensure significant deliveries post-launch.

Apart from Xiaomi entering the automotive market, another recent hot topic in the industry revolves around the publicity events related to the Ideal MEGA project. Following messages of support from He Xiaopeng and Yu Chengdong in their social circles for Li Xiang’s rebuttal against negativity, and Li Bin’s post instructing NIO employees not to partake in discussions related to Ideal MEGA, Lei Jun also posted, calling for the collective effort in creating a more positive and inclusive automotive market discourse.

Lei Jun's Call for Positive Automotive Discourse

Lei Jun emphasized that the Xiaomi SU7 is a labor of love. Feedback is welcome, but he kindly asks for constructive criticism. It seems that the Ideal MEGA episode has also made Lei Jun concerned, fearing that the Xiaomi SU7, with its inherent popularity, might face similar negative publicity and manipulation trends as MEGA.

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