Apple Seeks to Add 8 Sensors, Including Anemometer, to Apple Watch

2024-03-15 08:40:37 by Yao Liwei


According to a recent list published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple has been granted two patents related to the Apple Watch. These patents focus on how to provide more comprehensive information and increase the product’s value by installing additional sensors.

According to the patent descriptions, Apple may embed the following sensors in the Apple Watch in the future:

  • Anemometer: An instrument used to measure wind speed.
  • Radiometric thermometer: A sensor used to measure the radiant heat of an object.
  • Heat flux sensor: An element used to measure the rate of heat transfer, typically used in industrial, scientific, and energy applications.
  • Solar radiation sensor: Used to measure the speed of solar energy reaching the ground, such as solar intensity meters, net radiometers, quantum sensors, and pyranometers.
  • Thermometer: A device used to measure temperature.
  • Water level sensor: A device used to detect whether the equipment is completely immersed in water or dry.

The first patent is titled “Electronic Device with Anemometer.” Apple believes that by integrating this function into the Apple Watch, wearers can be informed of the wind conditions for the day. For instance, in cases of strong wind, it can be combined with fitness applications to calculate the user’s power output (e.g., when exercising in strong winds).

The second patent is titled “Electronic Device with Multiple Environmental Sensors.” Apple acknowledges in the patent that integrating certain environmental sensors into limited-space electronic devices can be challenging. However, they also recognize that using more advanced technology can address this issue and provide more features and performance for products like the Apple Watch.

These patents showcase Apple’s efforts in designing innovative products. With technology constantly advancing and market demands evolving, we can look forward to more astonishing products in the future.

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