Lei Jun addresses rumors about Xiaomi’s SU7 car launch and sales

Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun Addresses Rumors Regarding Xiaomi SU7 Car Launch and Sales

Tonight, Xiaomi Group Chairman Lei Jun posted on Weibo in response to various rumors surrounding the official launch and sale of the Xiaomi car SU7. Here is a summary of the related content:

  • Question: Has the official begun accepting blind orders and collecting deposits?

    Lei Jun: The official has not yet opened the blind order channel, and prohibits any cooperative channels or individuals from conducting blind orders or collecting deposits on their own.

  • Question: Has the official instructed cooperative channels or individuals to require locking in orders, paying deposits, and collecting user information through activities like reserving test drives?

    Lei Jun: The official prohibits collecting deposits for activities such as reserving test drives, and also prohibits collecting personal information unrelated to test drive appointments.

    To ensure an on-site experience, we will implement methods such as queuing by appointment.

  • Question: Has the official provided pricing and benefits information to cooperative channels or individuals to attract target customers?

    Lei Jun: Before the conference, the official will not disclose product pricing and sales benefits through any channels.

  • Question: Will the official offer priority purchasing rights for certain users or companies to get their cars first?

    Lei Jun: The official does not have such a policy.

  • Question: Can test drives be conducted during the preview sessions starting on the 25th?

    Lei Jun: Only static previews will be arranged before the official launch event, test drives will be arranged after the official launch event.

  • Question: The first batch is available in 29 cities, which cities will be included in the second batch and when will it be available?

    Lei Jun: We need some time for thorough research. Once ready, we will immediately announce the plan.


(Source: Securities Times)

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