Lei Jun denies Xiaomi Cars give priority to certain buyers; no blind orders

March 15, 2024 09:47:26 Author: Yao Liwei

On March 14, Xiaomi’s Chairman and CEO, Lei Jun, addressed a series of questions regarding the Xiaomi SU7 on Weibo. He stated that Xiaomi’s official channels have not yet opened blind pre-ordering for the Xiaomi SU7. He strictly prohibited any unauthorized activities by cooperation partners or individuals to conduct blind pre-orders or collect deposits. Furthermore, the official guidelines prohibit collecting deposits for reservation previews, test drives, and only request personal information related to test drive invitations.

Moreover, Lei Jun emphasized that before the official product launch event, Xiaomi will not disclose product pricing and sales rights through any channel. Responding to rumors about whether Xiaomi will offer priority purchasing rights or early delivery to certain users or companies, Lei Jun clarified that there is no such policy in place.

It is reported that until the 25th, appointments for previewing the Xiaomi SU7 will only involve static previews, with test drives being arranged during the official launch event. Regarding store layout plans, Lei Jun mentioned that a careful survey and plan publication are still required before decisions are made.

In summary, before the launch of the Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi will gradually introduce delivery centers, sales stores, and service points, as well as finalize the selection of locations for the second batch of cities. Additionally, to ensure timely deliveries after the launch while maintaining quality standards, Xiaomi will expedite the increase of factory production capacity. The Xiaomi SU7 launch event is also fully prepared.

Lei Jun denies Xiaomi cars give priority to certain buyers, no blind orders

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