Microsoft Launches New Edge Browser

March 15, 2024, 09:40:28 AM by Lwei Yao

On March 15, Microsoft invited some Xbox users from the Alpha Skip-Ahead channel to test the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser. This version’s latest build number is 2408.240311-2200, with the most significant change being the removal of built-in applications like Copilot, Outlook, Teams, and Games to test the browser’s performance.

Apart from removing built-in apps like Copilot, Microsoft also eliminated the function of adding websites to the sidebar in the latest preview version. Nevertheless, essential features like shopping and browsing are still intact. Furthermore, this update addresses reading issues in guides, errors when checking recent captures or content transfers, viewing subscriptions in settings, and language representation issues throughout the entire gaming console.

Currently, the Xbox update preview channels are as follows:

  • Alpha Skip-Ahead: “By invitation only,” receiving updates from various future branches.
  • Alpha: “By invitation only,” receiving updates at the earliest point.
  • Beta: Service planned for 3 months or longer, open to Xbox Insider members reaching level 5 or higher.
  • Delta: “By invitation only,” service planned for 1 month or longer, open to any Xbox Insider members at level 2 or higher.
  • Omega: “Anyone,” receiving system updates shortly before General Availability (GA). New users may not immediately receive all early updates, but they will get updates before the official release. Additionally, a small number of users may continue using their current GA version until the next system update becomes mandatory.

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