Sora to launch this year with audio & video editing features

Latest Update from the US Stock Research Society

On March 14th, according to the information from the American Stock Research Society, Mira Murati, the Chief Technical Officer of OpenAI, mentioned in a recent interview that Sora is set to be officially launched to the public later this year, “possibly taking a few months.” In Sora, OpenAI will introduce sound effects and allow users to edit the video content generated by Sora. Previously, access to testing Sora was limited to visual artists, designers, and filmmakers.

Sora Launch Announcement

Furthermore, it is reported that the production cost of video clips generated by Sora is much higher compared to images from the company’s image generator, DALL-E. Once released to the public, it will be optimized to reduce the computational requirements, making it more accessible to everyone.

To distinguish between authentic and fake content, watermarks will be added at the bottom of the video clips generated by Sora. These videos will eventually include metadata indicating their source. OpenAI is currently intensifying the red team testing of Sora, where security testers attempt to provide prompts to reveal vulnerabilities, biases, and other harmful outcomes.

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