Huawei China Partner Summit 2024: Winning the AI Era with Partners

In the era of digital intelligence, cloud computing has emerged as the core driving force behind industrial transformation and upgrading. Facing the continuous waves of digitization and intelligence, the acceleration of ecosystem co-construction and collaboration for a shared intelligent future has become a common understanding across various sectors. On March 14-15, the “Empowered by Unity, Thriving in the Digital Age” Huawei China Partner Summit 2024 was held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This flagship event brought together thousands of elite partners, marking a significant evolution from “Collective Endeavor” to “Thriving in the Digital Age.” It further solidified the “Partners + Huawei” system, reiterating Huawei’s commitment to keeping complexity in-house while simplifying solutions for customers and bringing the digital world within reach.

As a steadfast ally in enterprise digital transformation, Huawei Cloud meticulously planned seven thematic forums and three public speeches, covering topics such as intelligent upgrades for government and enterprises, partnership in sales, databases, the cloud marketplace, digital transformation for small and medium enterprises, innovation in digital intelligence security, and recruitment of regional dealers in Shenzhen. These discussions offered a detailed overview of the ecosystem policy plans and joint solutions tailored for government and enterprise partners. Committed to the “Everything as a Service” strategy, Huawei Cloud focuses on capability building and ecosystem co-creation, continually empowering partners to cultivate new industrial values.

Deep-Dive into Cloud Usage with Government and Enterprises, Exploring the New World of Digital Intelligence

With the ongoing integration of digital and physical realities and breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies, industries are entering a new phase of quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, and innovative growth. Embracing this new era of digital intelligence and undergoing intelligent upgrades have become inevitable for businesses aiming for high-quality development. Cloud computing, with its powerful computing capabilities, wide-ranging applications, and robust ecosystem, stands out as the optimal technological tool to help businesses seize the high ground in future competitions, with Huawei Cloud paving the way as a pioneer in building an intelligent world’s cloud foundation.

Shanghai Feng, President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud and CEO of the Cloud Migration Services, highlighted that China possesses the world’s richest business scenarios and the largest innovation team, holding the potential to lead globally in the AI domain. Huawei Cloud focuses on laying a solid foundation and fertile ground (“black soil”) for cloud and partners, breaking through core technologies and accelerating scene innovation to co-create a new intelligent ecosystem.

From a product perspective, Huawei Cloud has proactively embraced the era’s call for full-scale intelligence. This year, Huawei Cloud launched eight cutting-edge products and 36 joint solutions with partners, demonstrating its strategic focus on enterprise intelligent upgrading. A rich product portfolio and comprehensive service capabilities enable Huawei Cloud to concentrate on eight key industries, including e-commerce, retail, gaming, automotive, education, manufacturing, high-tech, and finance. This approach not only enhances the ecosystem of partners but also gradually builds a unique competitive advantage, driving intelligent transformation for government and enterprise clients.

Considering industry dimensions, Huawei Cloud leverages Ascend AI cloud services for computing power and joint innovation with the Pangu large model as the foundation. It provides full-stack AI capabilities, including infrastructure, computing power, operators, algorithms, development frameworks, and the Pangu large model. Deeply integrated into industries and actively implementing the “digital-physical integration” strategy, Huawei Cloud endeavors to be the best AI cloud foundation for industrial intelligence, redefining industries with AI.

Accelerating Intelligent Upgrading Across Industries, Co-Creating New Possibilities in the Digital Age

In the journey towards intelligent upgrading across various sectors, mutually beneficial policies and an open, thriving ecosystem are vital forces in forging a new chapter in digital intelligence development. This year, Huawei Cloud further highlighted its unique advantages in understanding government and enterprise partners through detailed discussions on policies and actions, emphasizing how to create new cloud value with partners.

In 2024, Huawei Cloud continues to uphold the “Co-Create, Share, and Win-Win” ecosystem philosophy. While maintaining steady growth, it also introduced a comprehensive upgrade to its partner incentive policies. Through a series of actions and support plans, Huawei Cloud aims to co-build capabilities, share markets, nurture talent, and win cooperation with partners, striving to become the “Best Choice for Partners.” Collaborating with ecosystem partners, Huawei Cloud seeks to become the “Best Choice for Customer’s Digital Transformation,” jointly building a stable operating ecosystem.

With an ecosystem comprising over 45,000 partners, more than 6 million developers, and over 10,000 products available on the Huawei Cloud Store, Huawei Cloud’s “circle of friends” is becoming increasingly prosperous. By expanding business jointly and achieving commercial success with partners, Huawei Cloud continuously advances the deep and practical application of technology. Collaborating with Kunpeng, Ascend, HarmonyOS, HMS, Euler, and Gauss ecosystems, Huawei Cloud empowers developers through diverse ecological synergy and comprehensive channel empowerment.

Facing opportunities in the digital era, achieving a “smart transformation” upgrade is crucial for high-quality development, with cloud technology being the key. Huawei Cloud leverages its comprehensive strengths to drive businesses towards a brighter future, aiming to be the “Best Choice for Enterprises Looking Toward an Intelligent Future.” Along this journey, Huawei Cloud continues to empower more partners, aiming to be their “Best Choice for Delivering Intelligence to Enterprises,” and propelling various industries towards a promising new era of intelligence.

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