2026 Foldable iPhone Planned

Renowned whistleblower Revegnus (Tech_Reve) recently resumed updating their X platform account and disclosed an alleged Apple product roadmap said to be from the “Samsung Security Department.” The products scheduled for 2025 and beyond are as follows:

  • #iPhoneSE4 expected to be launched next year
  • In 2025, iPhone 17 Pro/Max with three rear cameras, each equipped with a 48MP module
  • iPhone SE 4 featuring a 6.1-inch OLED screen and a 48MP single camera
  • In 2026, a foldable iPhone with a 6-inch display when folded and 8-inch display when unfolded
  • iPad Air and iPad mini switching to OLED screens, with OLED iPad Air having a 10.9-inch display and OLED iPad mini featuring an 8.4-inch screen
  • MacBook Pro switching to OLED screen, maintaining a size of 14/16 inches
  • In 2027, “True AR Glasses” equipped with a 1.4-inch RGB MicroOLED or MicroLED module
  • Foldable iPad with a 20-inch foldable screen. (Source: IT Home)


Source: Finance World

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