Budget-Friendly: Apple to Launch Two 4th Gen AirPods in Sep-Oct

Latest News on AirPods Launch Event

On March 18th, according to foreign media reports, Apple suppliers are gearing up for the largest AirPods launch event to date. Overseas suppliers of the company are about to commence production of the next AirPods series, which is expected to be record-breaking. The company plans to manufacture 20 to 25 million units of headphones, an increase from previous models.

GoerTek Acoustics and Luxshare Precision will officially start production in May, laying the groundwork for a release around September or October, introducing the new AirPods to the budget-friendly market once again.

The new models will replace the second and third generations of AirPods. The updated versions are codenamed B768(E) and B768(M), with “E” standing for Entry-level and “M” for Mid-range. Both will feature a new design, improved adaptability, and a charging case with USB-C. However, the mid-range version will come with active noise cancellation and a “Find My Speaker” feature in the charging case, making it easier to locate the product if misplaced.

Source: Budget Friendly: Apple to Launch Two 4th Gen AirPods in Sep-Oct

As part of iOS 18 set to be launched this autumn, Apple also plans to carry out various software upgrades related to AirPods. One feature in development includes an assistive listening mode for AirPods Pro. The company is also working on a hearing test feature for AirPods. On another health-related development, all signs point towards the new Apple Watch model gaining blood pressure monitoring functionality this fall. However, the current model seems unlikely to feature this function.

The new version of AirPods Pro is set to be released as early as next year. As for the long-term future of AirPods, Apple is developing a model that will be launched in a few years, equipped with a low-resolution camera that can scan the user’s surroundings.

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