128GB iPhone 15: Plenty of Space + Cloud Storage

Apple Launches Promotional Video Emphasizing iCloud Storage for iPhone 15

Recently, CNMO has learned that Apple has released a promotional video named “iPhone 15 Storage | Don’t Let Me Go | Apple.” The video aims to address users’ concerns about insufficient storage space on their phones by highlighting the convenience of cloud storage. Despite the increasing demand for phone memory in the market, the iPhone 15 series still maintains 128GB as the base storage space. However, Apple conveys through the promotional video that even with this basic configuration, users can store a massive amount of photos using iCloud storage.

iPhone 15 Storage

In the video, a man is depicted facing a dilemma of whether to delete or keep photos on his phone. As the background music plays the melody of “don’t let go,” it seems to express the user’s reluctance to part with precious memories. At the end of the video, Apple displays a striking slogan: “Plenty of space, store a massive amount of photos,” conveying the message that iCloud storage can help users easily solve storage issues.

However, opinions among netizens regarding Apple’s strategy are divided. Some believe that while cloud storage can solve some problems, purchasing additional iCloud space still incurs certain costs and is not a completely free solution. At the same time, some users argue that with the continuous increase in app sizes and the popularity of high-definition media content, the base storage space of phones should be increased accordingly to meet daily usage needs.




In reality, with the continuous expansion of smartphone functionalities, the demand for phone storage space from users is rapidly growing. Many users have expressed that besides photos and videos taking up a significant amount of space, the ever-increasing size of applications, games, and various files is constantly squeezing the storage space on phones, making it a tight squeeze.

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